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Friday, November 28, 2014
Shabbat is Parshat Vayetze
From Sunday onwards, if you weren't sure if you said טל ומטר in the Amidah, you don't have to go back, since 30 days have already gone past.
On Thurday evening, outside Israel, you start saying ותן טל ומטר in the Amidah, 60 days after the start of the halachic autumn, which is known as tekufat Tishrei.
See also this interesting article by Chabad which explains this in more detail Why Is the Prayer for Rain Based on the Civil Calendar?

The Halacha corner - Umbrellas and Shabbat
There are three questions here:
1) Can you carry an closed umbrella on Shabbat.
2) Can you carry (and use) an open umbrella on Shabbat.
3) Can you open (or close) an umbrella on Shabbat.
1) Normally no, because a) you may forget and open it or b) "marit ayin".
However, one could argue that if the umbrella is being used like a walking stick, by one who has problems walking, it would be allowed, even without an eruv, because you are carrying it less than 4 amot each time.
I suspect that "marit ayin" would prevent this, unless you were obviously handicapped.
2) The Chatam Sofer allowed this inside an eruv but later authorities including the Chofetz Chaim, the Chazon Ish and Rav Ovadia among others, forbade it because of "marit ayin" - that is - onlookers will think it was opened on Shabbat.
3) No, this is considered as making a tent which is forbdden (as building), see Sections 77-82

The wellsprings of the Torah - מעינה של תורה
By Alexander Zusha Friedman - 1897-1943
Berashit - Vayetze 29:34 עתה הפעם ילוה אישי אלי כי ילדתי לו שלשה בנים
"now this time will my husband be joined to me (accompany me), because I have borne him three sons"
In Chizkuni's commentary on the Torah (mid-13th century CE), he brings an interesting explanation on this verse.
When a woman has one baby, she can carry him in her hand.
When she has two babies, she carries one in her right hand and one in her left hand.
However, when she adds a third baby, then her husband must come to help her.

This is why she said: "now my husband must help me"
He will have to help me, now that I have borne him three children, I can't manage them without him.

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